Mobile app

Provide an engaging user experience on the go.

Improve customer experience on mobile apps by showing dynamic, personalized content

Personalize your native iOS and Android apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) using cross-channeldataandsophisticatedtargetingrules.

Improve the CX

Increase conversions

Boost loyalty


Product recommendations

Display personalized recommendations that help each shopper discover products and content they’ll love while achieving your unique business objectives.


Social proof

Give customers the confidence to select the product that is right for them and speed up the purchase decision with on-brand social proof.


Dynamic content

Automatically generate compelling app content that is up-to-date and personalized based on each shopper’s behavior, context and preferences.


Behavioral targeting

Maximize your marketing impact by retargeting shoppers on social media and PPC with ads tailored to their app behavior and purchases.



Personalize the app experience for each customer based on where they’re located, ensuring that they see content most relevant to their current context.



Identify and deploy your best-performing app content quickly for maximum ROI with A/B testing and AI-driven optimization.

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Provide a consistent user experience

Provide a consistent user experience across devices by personalizing your native iOS and Android apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Be in control with easy-to-use software

Optimize your app without the need to make server-side code changes or to submit a new app version to the app stores.

Treat app users differently based on their actions

Use cross-channel data, such as purchase behavior, product interaction, visit frequency, location, time of day, and sophisticated targeting rules for effective app personalization.

Personalize with a wide range of features

Convert more customers by integrating personalized product recommendations, dynamic content, triggered emails and more into your mobile app experience.

Personalize the CX across channels

Join up your mobile app data with your CRM, web, email and in-store channels for consistent cross-channel personalization.


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