Trustpilot integrates with Fresh Relevance

Trustpilot users choose Fresh Relevance to combine product and service reviews with conversion-boosting personalization.


Automatically pull live product and service reviews into personalized emails and web pages to build consumer trust and accelerate conversions.

Use granular segmentation & automatic optimization to serve effective product rating content to different customer groups across channels.

Configure how ratings and reviews appear in the Fresh Relevance platform. Lead with the most popular products by filtering product recommendations by star rating, set a minimum star threshold for ratings to be shown and display them in your brand style.

Implementation is quick and easy. Fresh Relevance pulls your product reviews through our integration from the Trustpilot API, including scores and counts.


Triggered emails

Make your cart and booking abandonment emails convert better by adding product stars and detailed reviews to guide shoppers towards completing their purchase.


Product recommendations

Increase the effectiveness of your product recommendations by filtering products to meet your goals. For example, promote your most highly rated products or display products with a minimum star rating.


Ratings & reviews

Build trust with first-time shoppers by displaying service ratings and reviews on your homepage and in your welcome email series.



Identify and deploy your best-performing content quickly for maximum ROI with A/B testing and AI-driven optimization.

Want to learn more about our integrationwithTrustpilot?

Book a tailored demo with us and a member of our team will showcase the integration in action with use cases relevant to your business. Plus, learn more about our flexible and modular pricing plans and build a bespoke bundle that caters to your business needs on our pricing page.