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The complete guide to online behavioral targeting

online behavioral targeting

What is behavioral targeting?

Benefits of behavioral targeting

How behavioral targeting works

Examples of behavioral targeting

How to choose a behavioral targeting solution

Getting started with behavioral targeting

Behavioral targeting leverages shoppers’ past activities to help marketers serve the content they might be looking for. Types of behavior segmentation you might want to target in your messages include frequent browsers, loyal or lapsed customers, high spenders, price-conscious shoppers, and engaged visitors who haven’t yet made a purchase.

Online behavioral advertising provides enhanced targeted, personalized content, higher engagement, increased conversion rates, and improved ROI. 

Behavioral targeting involves serving recommendations, coupons and ads based on users’ online behavior and interests, which can help marketers reach new audiences or encourage customer loyalty. Retargeting re-engages users who have visited and left your website without converting by displaying ads to encourage their return and conversion.