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The Complete Guide to Market Segmentation

ecommerce customer segmentation

What is market segmentation?

4 types of market segmentation

Market segmentation examples

Benefits of market segmentation

Monitoring your segments

Segmentation tools

The four types of segmentation are demographic (age, gender, income, etc.), geographic (location of the customer, store, or company), psychographic (interests, lifestyle, etc.), and behavioral (purchase and browse behavior and marketing interactions).

Customer segmentation allows eCommerce businesses to tailor marketing strategies, products, and experiences for distinct customer groups. This boosts relevance, engagement, and conversion rates, enhancing satisfaction and revenue. Customer segmentation is a crucial part of ecommerce personalization

Customer segmentation allows marketers to divide a diverse customer base into distinct groups based on shared characteristics, behaviors, or preferences. This enables businesses to deliver personalized marketing, products, and services, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and revenue.