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The Complete Guide to Browse Abandonment


What is Browse Abandonment?

What triggers Browse Abandonment?

How can I combat Browse Abandonment?

What browsing behavior should trigger a message?

Browse Abandonment solutions

A final word on Browse Abandonment

With cart abandonment, the shopper has added an item to their cart but left without purchasing it. In browse abandonment, a shopper browses and leaves your site without adding anything to their cart.

A browse abandonment flow is a form of marketing automation whereby a marketer can set-up a rule so that a personalized email or SMS is triggered when a prospect leaves their session on the ecommerce site.

A browse abandonment strategy involves defining what qualifies as abandonment and how to approach recovery (e.g., type and number of communications, timing, frequency, value of offers, etc.). Messages should be friendly, but direct. Since you know what they have browsed, provide helpful recommendations and social proof. Use a strong CTA.