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The complete guide to geotargeting

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What is geotargeting?

Benefits of geotargeting as a marketing tool

Geotargeting vs geofencing

Examples of geotargeting in eCommerce and travel

Geotargeting tools and technology

Geotargeting is tailoring content, ads, or promotions to a specific audience based on their geographic location. It allows businesses to personalize marketing efforts, which improves relevance and engagement for local or regional audiences.

Geofencing sets geographical boundaries and triggers an action or actions when a device enters or exits the defined area. It’s often used for location-based alerts. Geotargeting, on the other hand, delivers content or ads tailored to specific geographic locations, focusing on audience relevance rather than proximity triggers.

Geo-location targeting enables businesses to tailor content, promotions, and product recommendations based on a user’s real-time or predetermined geographic location. This personalized experience enhances relevancy, engagement, and conversion rates.