2013-2014 RA Bios

110th St

[Photo of Sivan]
Name: Sivan
Location: 601 W 110th St (College Residence)
Constellation: Fornax
Hometown: Undeclared
Major/Minor: Fresh Meadows, NY
Class: 2016

[Photo of Kacie]
Name: Kacie
Location: 601 W 110th St (College Residence) (and Senior Experience program)
Constellation: Microscopium
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Major/Minor: Sociology and Human Rights with a minor in Psychology
Class: 2014

Kacie hopes to attend Public Health graduate school after Barnard. She is also a Barnard Writing Fellow, Barnard Babysitter, and dancer in various campus and non-campus groups. She most enjoys spending her weekends finding new places to explore (e.g., catacombs in Brooklyn!) and volunteer (e.g., The World Science Festival!) throughout New York City.

[Photo of Miriam]
Name: Miriam
Location: 601 W 110th St (College Residence)
Constellation: Octan
Hometown: Westchester, NY
Major/Minor: Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Human Rights, concentrating in Race and Ethnic Studies
Class: 2014

A Centennial Scholar, last summer Miriam followed some family roots all the way to South Africa, where she met her family and interned at a constitutional law clinic in Cape Town called the Legal Resources Centre. During the semester, Miriam is a runner, a volunteer and coordinator at a local women's homeless shelter, a constituent affairs intern for U.S. Senator Kirsten E Gillibrand, and an avid West-Side-Salad enthusiast.