2013-2014 RA Bios


[Photo of Doris]
Name: Doris
Location: 600 W 116th St
Constellation: Pictor
Hometown: Forest Hills, NY
Major/Minor: Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Chemistry
Class: 2016

Doris is involved on campus as the co-director of Radiance dance troupe (a traditional Chinese dance troupe). She loves to be creative in dancing as well as other aspects of her life. She also loves to read, make jewelry, run, and try new things. Doris is also involved in a few medical societies and volunteers in the pediatric department of a hospital downtown.

[Photo of Shivani]
Name: Shivani
Location: 600 W 116th St
Constellation: Fornax
Hometown: Cranbury, NJ
Major/Minor: Undeclared
Class: 2016

Shivani is the 2016 Class President, and co-chair of the Campus Life Committee. She loves going to concerts and twitter-stalking her favorite bands. She is a total chocoholic and can sometimes be found Skyping with her dog. Her favorite hobby is meeting new people, so stop by and say hello!

[Photo of Emily]
Name: Emily
Location: 600 W 116th St
Constellation: Octan
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Major/Minor: Physics and Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence
Class: 2014

Emily is heavily involved in the Columbia computer science community through the Women in Computer Science club and as a teaching assistant for Introduction to Computing for Engineers taught in Python. She worked both at the Museum of Natural History studying brown dwarf stars and in Hawaii examining the limits of solar system stability. She knows eight languages in total (if you count computer languages).

[Photo of Ava]
Name: Ava
Location: 600 W 116th St
Constellation: Pyxis
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major/Minor: Middle Eastern Studies with a minor in Psychology
Class: 2014

Ava enjoys dancing for the newly established Persian dance team on campus and having good conversations. She is the undefeated, international champion of Connect 4 and welcomes any foolish soul who dares to play against her.