2013-2014 RA Bios

Cathedral Gardens

[Photo of Sydney]
Name: Sydney
Location: Cathedral Gardens
Constellation: Fornax
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
Major/Minor: Psychology
Class: 2016

Sydney enjoys doing yoga, writing, and trying new foods! She is a volunteer at the Star Learning Center, loves to talk with her friends and is excited to meet all of her amazing residents!

[Photo of Siobhan]
Name: Siobhan
Location: Cathedral Gardens (and Senior Experience program)
Constellation: Lyra
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Major/Minor: Biochemistry
Class: 2014

Siobhan is the vice-president of the Barnard Chemistry Society and an active member of Barnard and Columbia intramural soccer. She loves going to concerts, playing and watching soccer, and playing the tin whistle.