2013-2014 RA Bios


[Photo of Amber]
Name: Amber
Location: Elliott Hall
Constellation: Pyxis
Hometown: Xiamen, China
Major/Minor: Political Science and Economics
Class: 2015

Amber, as a transfer herself, is excited to help the new Barnard transfers realize the awesomeness of this place. When she's not RA-ing, she can be found reading papers in Butler, cooking semi-authentic Chinese food in the kitchen, and teaching herself the "investment banking" stuff, which is her big career interest. She is also involved in Let's Get Ready where she tutors local high school students SAT math every week.

[Photo of Claire]
Name: Claire
Location: Elliott Hall (and Senior Experience program)
Constellation: Long Island, NY
Hometown: Philosophy of Language with minors in Economics and French
Major/Minor: 2015
Class: Claire is a Speaking Fellow and a member of the Sherry Hour Committee (ask her about these things, she absolutely loves talking about them). Claire is also a member of the USA-AJKA National Karate Team and will be competing this September in Berlin, Germany at the EuroCup!

[Photo of Gilah]
Name: Gilah (Will be studying abroad in the Fall)
Location: Elliott Hall
Constellation: Pyxis
Hometown: Massachusetts
Major/Minor: Environmental Biology, JTS Double Degree Program
Class: 2015

Gilah loves biking, farms, camping, long conversations, getting to know people, reading, exploring, and trying new things! She grew up in the great state of Massachusetts. She can't wait to get to know her new residents!

[Photo of Melanie]
Name: Melanie
Location: Elliott Hall
Constellation: Telescopium
Hometown: Northern California
Major/Minor: Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish
Class: 2015

Melanie works in the Barnard Office of Admissions and is a research assistant in a neuroscience lab. She could not be more excited to work with the transfer community. She will also be going abroad in the spring and is job sharing with the lovely Gilah Barker. Welcome to the new RAs -- feel free to reach out with any questions!

[Photo of Mikiko]
Name: Mikiko
Location: Elliott Hall
Constellation: Fornax
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major/Minor: Psychology, Pre-Med Program
Class: 2015

Mikiko really enjoys acting, singing, and most things related to the arts. She hopes everyone has a great year at Barnard!