2013-2014 RA Bios


[Photo of Caroline]
Name: Caroline
Location: Plimpton Hall
Constellation: Octan
Hometown: Windsor, CT
Major/Minor: English with a writing concentration and a minor in Women's, Gender, & Sexuality
Class: 2015

Caro is a Writing Fellow, a Well-Woman peer ed, an associate copy editor for the Columbia Daily Spectator, and a writer for Culinarian Magazine. In the fall, she also helps to coordinate the Morningside Heights CSA program. She loves to cook and listen to Motown (often simultaneously), and is looking forward to joining the RA staff!

[Photo of Emily]
Name: Emily
Location: Plimpton Hall
Constellation: Pyxis
Hometown: Edmonds, WA
Major/Minor: Economics with a minor in German
Class: 2015

Emily is actively involved in several professional, social, and political organizations on campus. She loves to cook; her favorite treat to make is Creme Brulee.

[Photo of Erika]
Name: Erika
Location: Plimpton Hall (and Senior Experience program)
Constellation: Telescopium
Hometown: New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY
Major/Minor: Psychology with a double minor in Environmental Science and Spanish
Class: 2013

Erika is an active Athena Scholar and member of the A Friend for Rachel program. She has been an RA since her sophomore year and has truly appreciated the people that she has met in her two years of employment.

[Photo of Salmiyeh]
Name: Salmiyeh
Location: Plimpton Hall
Constellation: Microscopium
Hometown: Emerson, New Jersey
Major/Minor: Psychology with a minor in Biology
Class: 2014

Salmiyeh is excited to serve as a 3rd year RA, co-president of Columbia's Association of Pre-Dental Students, and to work in the toddler center! For fun, she enjoys visiting museums and seeking out fun (and hopefully free) concerts!

[Photo of Shirley]
Name: Shirley
Location: Plimpton Hall
Constellation: Pyxis
Hometown: Beijing, China
Major/Minor: Anthropology and Dance
Class: 2016

Shirley loves dancing, especially Chinese traditional dance, classic and modern. She loves meeting new people and talking about interesting experiences. For Shirley, nothing is more exciting than dancing and traveling. She wants to open her own chocolate store and work their everyday so that she can smell like chocolate.

[Photo of Johanna]
Name: Johanna
Location: Plimpton Hall
Constellation: Pyxis
Hometown: New Paltz, NY
Major/Minor: Psychology and History with a minor in Sociology
Class: 2015

Johanna is a peer career advisor at Career Development and spends the summer working at a non-profit in Tel Aviv, which helps soldiers suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. A fun fact about Johanna is that she loves to bake -- especially pies, blondies, and banana bread!

[Photo of Maya]
Name: Maya
Location: Plimpton Hall
Constellation: Octan
Hometown: Hong Kong, China
Major/Minor: Political Science and Urban Studies
Class: 2016

Maya's family currently lives in Hong Kong, but she has grown up in Singapore, India, Taiwan and Japan. She is the vice-president of the Society of International Undergraduates (SIU), public relations member for the Barnard Bulletin, Athena Scholar, and was a teacher's aide in Spring 2013 at Tompkins Hall. as a teacher's aide in spring 2013. A fun fact about Maya is that she is Zoroastrian, and gives a hug to anyone who knows what that is.